Automatismes pour ball-trap - Robots for trapshooting

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Voice trap controllers


JP. BARON's voice trap controllers are compatible with all launchers on the market.

They are very simple use.

DATEC Voice trap controller

Up to 15 machines

Trenchs - skeet - compack





 • Launching of a shooting cycle is very simple

      Modification of temporizations and options is

      done with 3 buttons (like a portable phone)

 • It can be operated by tokens or a smart card.

 • It functions with 5 microphones for the trench

      and the compack or 8 microphones for the skeet

 • The radio mode function is available on a special

      order for the skeet or the compack, but is not

      recommended for all trenchs.

 • Power supply can be 12 volts in

      continuous or alternative (AC/DC) current

      without any change.

 • A control box for the referee:
       manage the zero, No-bird and pause.

 • Internal or external card reader for shooters tokens.


Assembled so as to resist to strong moisture.



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