Automatismes pour ball-trap - Robots for trapshooting

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Remote control,


JP. Baron Remote Control and radio reciever boxes drive from one to eight launchers by channel, with the possibility to use up to 32 channels (that is to say 256 receivers for one radio sender !)


When you use a card reader, you have more security by a special wireless code special for you. (32768 possibilities).

Those equipments are compatible with all launchers on the market.


Remote control 8 :

Up to 32 times 8 launchers on counter or decrease mode



• Possible use with a Card Reader

• 8 individual counters + total

• Adjustable mode for Increase or decrease clays.

• In decrease mode, launching is locked when counter has 0

• All simultaneous lunching are possible on same channel.

• 1 hidden annual or monthly counter

• Possibility of masking the counters

• Secured password with 4 characters.

• Possibility of using up to 32 remote-reception cards 8 launchers or 256 receivers for one launcher.

• The manual remote control automatically turns off when not used for 7 minutes.

• Management of Skeet and Double Trap modes

• Adjustable delay for shooting alone

• More than 6000 clays launched with 4 LR6 batteries


Radio Receiver card

For 1 or 8 machines



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Loading Smart Cards by PC






Cartes "Mayfair"



Monayeur à billets



Interface vidéo



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