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Who is Jean-Pierre Baron ?


After having spent 10 years as a champion, and having known competitions at their highest level, JPB begins a new life as a manager of one of the european leader companies in equipments and robots for traps.

Jean-Pierre Baron was born in Tours (France). He begun his career as a champion in archery. During ten years, he has been collecting trophys all around the world, with the Team France. He reached the 14th worldwide rank in 1984 and participated to the Seoul World Championship.

JPB has definitly chosen the shooting in 1985, following his mother's advice, Jeanne Blot, one the most talented international skeet champion of the seventies and the eighties. Gifted for archery, JPB has the "eye of the tiger" in shooting too. The first 3 or 4 000 cartridges he shoots were more than encouraging. Then begun another ten years period of challenges and competitions, with the Team France, while he has stroke up friendship with a lot of trapshooting stands owners all over Europe.

In 1994, Jean-Pierre became an owner himself, bying the "Ball-trap du Bois des Plantes", at Tours (25 launchers and 4 compacks working simultaneously).

As a manager, he is completely involved in the conception of more precise and easier to use robots. He rapidly notice that he can offer better equipments than others for a lower sale price. It's in is bedroom that he built his first prototypes and applied his numerous good ideas for a patent.

Today, the JP.BARON trap robots and equipments have been chosen by more than 150 trapshooting stands in France, and by some of the most prestigious stands in 10 european countries.

Photos : Jean-Pierre Baron in competition ; two pix of the "Bois de Plantes" trapshooting site in Tours ; JPB with his mother, Jeanne Blot (photos D.R.).

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